Rainbow Fluorite Stretch Bracelet Natural & Handmade Jewelry

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Rainbow Fluorite stretch bracelet! This is an all natural, handmade bracelet using only genuine crystals and gemstones.

Rainbow Fluorite is a master healing stone used for love, healing, calming and cleansing.

It is highly sought after because of it’s natural combination of green and purple, which represent the Heart and Crown Chakra! It encourages positivity and balances your energy, while cleansing your aura!

Rainbow Fluorite is a natural fusion of Green and Purple Fluorite. You can also see bands of white, pink and blue marbled into the stone!

This powerful gemstone aids the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

It's Zodiac Influences are: Capricorn ~ Pisces ~ Gemini

This bracelet is handmade with love in the USA using only high quality components!